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Mona Lisa-

So I haven't posted about this despite it happening nearly three weeks ago... but ALSDEAD was pretty fucking epic. I was right front and center, got lots of attention from the band, and that's all I'm willing to say. Pretty sure they are coming back next year, and I'm pumped to chill with them and Shion and Brandon and Atsushi and the other Brandon and Kei and Liz etc, again. It really changed my perspective on the industry. I was given chances most fans aren't, and I'll definitely embrace them. At least I know what I want to do with my life now and how to get there! :D

Freakin' keyboard keeps switching to hiragana -_-.

Life has been stressful recently. A friend of mine is semi-irritated with me and I'm not too sure why. Although... I can guess. xD. It's not like I did anything terrible. But my feelings are a little hurt I've been excluded from everything for whatever reason. But beggers can't be choosers I guess, and you can't make people like you.

Lots of homework. Brother-in-law and sister coming to stay with us. Getting a car next week, hm....

Oh, and one little incident kind of sort of left me reeling.

Here's the deal, when you introduce someone to someone else - you need to be prepared for whatever. They could hate each other. They could love each other. In this case - it's the later. Best friends are best friends so long as both reciprocate through that... but just because YOUR initial BFF likes someone else, is no cause for flipping a fucking shit. I don't know what light bulb is dead inside this select brain, but I think it needs to be replaced or some shit.

I'm not sure if you like her or not, but regardless what we're doing is quite frankly - none of your business - and you need to get your nose out of where it doesn't belong. I did my best for you, I tried to frankly, show you how much I cared for you - and you decide to go after me for being close with this person. I maybe went wrong somewhere in my devotion - but the fact you spread so much hate among people I cared for, in turn turning them against me... that's the number one betrayal in my book.

You wonder why you two aren't close anymore. Why you don't talk a lot. Where that closeness has gone. You said I took it away, that I ruined her and it's like you don't take in to the fact the disgusting person you've become. I tried to be your friend, be more to you and show you the love I carried. But if you can't see past blind jealousy and rage... you aren't worth a spec of my time. And definitely not hers.

A friend accepts a friend no matter what. I used to think despite your issues you had a big heart, a caring one, just needing a few pushes. But I was wrong. You just shove people away that care about you. For stupid reasons. I'm honestly done with this bull shit.

I know you can see this, and I hope you read every fucking word and remember it for eternity, and I hope it puts you in perspective so you don't go through the rest of life like this.

It sucks for you, because you introduced me to the person I love so fucking dearly, get along with better then anyone else, and puts me at a kind of emotional peace I've never felt before. I'm not one to usually rub things in but...

Karma's one hell of a bitch.
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